Your words matter

They let people know how you can help them


With a professional copywriting service from Great Copy Matters, you can  get your words just right


Great Copy Matters delivers compelling and engaging copy. Because the right words mean that your prospects and clients will know exactly why they should choose you.

From websites to social media, from promo videos to blogs… what you say impacts on how people view you. It affects what they think of your business. So if you cant quite find the words to show your business in its best light, don’t panic.

We write great copy, so you can do what you do best.

Why does great

copy matter?

‘Good enough’ doesn’t do your business justice. Great copy connects with your audience, informs your prospects, and sells your goods and services.



Heres how a professional copywriting service from Great Copy Matters helps your business.

About Great Copy Matters

Owner and Copywriter-in-Chief Laura Summerhayes explains why the written word is your most powerful marketing weapon.

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