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How to write your B2B website content


How to write your B2B website content is the copywriting guide for consultants, contractors, the self-employed, freelancers and companies-of-one.


It’s full of actionable writing craft and insight gained throughout seven years in B2B marketing and a lifetime spent writing. 

Edited Social Media File 026.jpg

If you want...

  • A website you are proud of

  • A clear message that speaks to your prospects

  • To write your website with confidence

Then How to write your B2B website content is for you.

*Includes free updates for life

How satisfied are you with your website?

If you’re totally happy, congratulations! You probably don’t need this book.

But if there’s a nagging doubt or you could be happier, maybe some of these ring true?

Are you...

  • Fed up – of going around in circles as you try to articulate what you offer

  • Stuck – the words you need have a habit of escaping you

  • Embarrassed – you cobbled together some words even though writing isn’t your strength and you cringe every time Google Analytics say someone’s on your site

  • Adrift – things change, the business you started isn’t the business you run. Your website copy doesn’t align with your work now

  • Uninspired – perhaps your search rankings are great, but your website doesn’t have much soul. The words don’t ‘spark’ anything in you and you’re worried that’s true for prospects too

  • Frustrated – that the enquiries you receive from your website are poor quality, or your ideal clients aren’t contacting you at all

I get it! Not only have I heard this from clients over and over, I’ve been there myself. Things changed when I nailed my message and sorted my website.

Get your website copy right and things can change for you too…

You'll learn...

  • How to think like a B2B copywriter and how to apply that thinking; this is craft, not just theory

  • To communicate the value of a consultative service, with class and conviction; no nasty tactics required

  • How to construct headlines that work, so your reader understands what you’re telling them quickly

  • Methods to write engaging copy that shows your customers that you can solve their problems

  • How to write compelling calls to action that invite a response

  • The skills I use to write engaging copy for businesses exactly like yours; no more guessing, here’s the inside scoop

  • How to write your first website, even if you’re new to business

  • What techniques to avoid for B2B copywriting and why, so you don’t put off potential clients

  • From real-life examples of what works… and what doesn’t!

*Enjoy free updates for life.

How this book came about 

In seven years as a copywriter, I’ve written for many different businesses in the professional services sector. Over that time, I’ve realised that these B2B service businesses have unique copywriting needs.

Yet the vast majority of marketing literature is geared towards product-based and B2C businesses.


Even the content aimed at B2B service businesses tends to be focused on large organisations.

The job done by professional service providers, like you and I, is fundamentally different to that of a B2C company. It’s not the same as a B2B behemoth either. And so, the writing needs to be different too.

If you Google ‘how to write your website content’, you get 1.86 billion results.

For someone who’s not a marketing professional, nor a writer, even a cursory glance is overwhelming. You’d have to spend a long time scouring that list to find something tailored to companies like yours.

Narrow the parameters and a search for ‘how to write your B2B website content’ throws up almost 20 million results.

The links and articles that appear are littered with false friends.


On the surface they seem to be about B2B website copywriting.


Dig a little deeper and they talk in broad brushstrokes or go off on tangents, such as web design, advertising strategy, content creation, SEO… all useful and relevant in their own right. However, it’s a lot of background noise to filter for someone who wants a website that does them justice and, er, shock-horror, actually wins them some business.

I needed to act.


I couldn’t find the information I wanted, so I decided to write it myself.

This book is designed to equip independent professionals with the know-how to write their website content. Website content that doesn’t simply do the job, but works hard.

Website content that’s clear, direct and informative.

Website content that speaks to the people you want to work with.

Website content that persuades those people to do business with you.

I want to give you the tools you need to write a website you are proud of. A copywriting guide written specifically with consultants, contractors, freelancers, and companies-of-one in mind.

The outcome? You’ll have a website that is everything you’d expect from a professional service provider. Not a B2C gimmick in sight.

Expect writerly craft backed up by clear, B2B-sales-driven thinking, no-nonsense advice, and essential how-tos for writing your B2B website content.

I’m on a mission to ensure that no consultant, contractor or company-of-one is left behind.

You’ll get knowledge that you can apply in the real world, a helpful tool that you can thumb through time and time again. Essentially, this book gives you access to the best parts of a specialist B2B copywriter’s brain, with none of the Zoom meetings.

This book contains everything I know about writing B2B websites.

Connect to your clients.

Inform them of what you can do.

Sell your services more effectively.

What people say about me

Laura is a very hands-on professional, a great thinker and an amazing collaborator. She is also very adventurous and adapts to new ideas very quickly, and is able to turn them into magic!
Needless to say, her writing craft is at the highest standard. She thinks strategically, writes creatively.

Eglė Vilutytė

Founder at etc.Brands

I have recently worked with Laura on a book as I wanted a strategic thinker not just a language expert. She was diligent, organised, friendly and professional. Laura  understood what I wanted to express and provided me with strategic tips on how to improve the engagement with the content. I definitely would recommend her.

Ece Özdil

Designer, consultant & founder of Jüniör

Laura has ghostwritten some of my LinkedIn articles and I find working with her extremely easy. Laura is very professional and delivers very high service standards. She is a talented writer and is able to stimulate my thinking and expand on the original idea autonomously. I definitely recommend working with Laura.

Alessandro Arosio

Executive & Business Coach

We recently collaborated with Laura for a brand identity development project. She provided us with a comprehensive tone of voice and "dos & don'ts" that really complimented the work we were doing with our client. We were incredibly impressed by her attention to detail, swiftness of response and we'd have no hesitation working with her again.

Tom Garland

Graphic Desiger & Co-Founder of Arobase

Laura provided concise and highly useful support to us in refining our website copy. She is hugely knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and I will look forward to using her services again in the future.

Sarah Martin

Business Development Director at Lemon Gazelle

The copywriting work Laura did for us was a bit of an eye-opener. In the briefing session, Laura asked really good questions about our work and business and we learned a lot about what makes our business work and why. In truth, it almost doubled up as a bit of a business coaching session which was great as Laura really listened to what we had to say.  

Sacha Tong

Co-Founder and Director of Tong's Electrical Services Ltd

How to write your B2B website content

Book contents


Why a website is essential if you're going to land the kind of clients you'd like. 


Chapter 1: How to write your Home Page

Your 'Home' page needs to be clear, engaging and interesting. Learn how to write a home page that speaks to the people you want to do business with. 


Chapter 2: How to write your About page

Here's a quick clue about what to expect: your 'About' page isn't really about you. I'll show you what to do instead - and what definitely doesn't belong on an 'About' page!


Chapter 3: How to write your Services page

Your 'Services' page is an opportunity to shine, if you write it right. Straightforward writing advice that takes the complex skills you possess and makes them easy to articulate. 


Chapter 4: How to write your Testimonials / Projects page

Show off your quality work - not for the sake of boasting, but for the benefit of your prospects and clients. 


Chapter 5: How to write your Contact page

It looks simple, doesn't it? An effective contact page invites your prospect in. I'll show you how to write a 'Contact' page that's non-salesy and conversational.



Congratulations! You've written your website, and now you're ready to put a clear, engaging and compelling message into the world. Good luck - I can't wait to see it! 


About the Author


Where to connect with the Author


Who is the book for?

It’s for the self-employed professional. Consultants, contractors, freelancers – from graphic designers to coaches, from HR professionals to recruiters. If you’re a company-of-one and you provide professional services to another business, How to write your B2B website content is for you.

I already have a website – is this for me?

Yes. The book is just as helpful if you are re-writing your website. The examples and exercises included will show you what you already have in a new light. All you have to do is re-write it!

Do I even need a website?

Yes. If you want to own your online presence and not dance to the rhythm of yet another algorithm change, you do.

What if I buy this and don’t see the value?

I hope you’ll find this book helpful and full to the brim with value. I’m here to help you; if you don’t see the value, email me within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll refund you.  

What will I get?

You’ll get a downloadable eBook, available to download after purchase. 

Will you write my website content for me?

This book enables you to write your own website. It’s full of actionable, easy-to-follow advice for the non-writer. For those who don’t want to hand over the writing to someone else, or don’t have the budget for a professional copywriter, it’s ideal. Of course, if you’d rather I wrote your website copy, that’s fine! Drop me a line and tell me about your project.

Can’t I just find all of this for free on Google?

This book condenses seven years of learning into one place. I’ve written for my entire life. My career has been spent working in B2B service businesses with professionals like you. I know this stuff inside out and my intention with putting it in a book is to make your life easier. To help you clarify your message, win more business, and better-quality clients. Feel free to scour Google – though, to be honest, the companies-of-one I know don’t have that much time. If you change your mind, you know where to find me.

Key takeaways from the eBook...

  • Save time by only writing what you need: discover the five key pages a professional services website requires…

  • …and how to write them, so you convert more business

  • The inside view of copywriting, from someone who’s worked with professional service businesses for seven years

  • Why you, as a company of one, should ignore the vast majority of copywriting advice out there

  • Real-life examples of what works… and what doesn’t!

And, most importantly, you'll end up with a website you can be proud of. You'll have website copy that is honest, to the point and shows you at your very best. 

When you have that in place, why wouldn't your potential customer want to work with you? 

Learn how to write your B2B website content

This book enables you to write a great website for the fraction of what it would cost to pay someone like me to write it for you.

It’s easy to think, ‘Oh I’ll come back to this later…’

You bookmark the page, close your laptop and forget about it in the busy-ness of life.

Order your copy of How to write your B2B website copy and you’ll have access to it immediately

Don’t miss out.

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