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Don’t add value: a counter-intuitive take on B2B marketing

A manifesto for those who wonder if “value” in marketing has lost its meaning 

Edited Social Media File 026.jpg

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What readers have said…

I really loved reading this. You can give value all the time with your marketing messages but if you can't connect internally with what your client wants then you won't get very far. I can feel the passion about the subject matter. Very thought provoking and easy to understand.

Louise McMilan

Coach and Inspirational Speaker

Don’t Add Value: artfully written, punchy and inspiring. Laura is a copy wizard who is stuffed full of ingenious ideas to help you present the brand you have in your head but can't get into words. Consistent yet supportive, Laura will challenge you enough while making writing for business fun and rewarding.

Amelia Hunter

Architect and Director of Space A

Be prepared to challenge some of your pre-conceptions of what value means in B2B marketing. In ‘Don’t Add Value’, Laura demonstrates her inherent ability to create great alternate copy that engages and inspires action by the reader. Driven by punk spirit, this a manifesto with a Mohican!

Richard Waine

Mechanical Engineer and Founder of The Big Shed

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