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The 7 super benefits of blogging for business

Blogging isn’t dead. It might not be video content, it’s certainly no Instagram reel, but in 2023 blogging is still relevant. Of marketers surveyed, 36% of media planners say organic search (i.e. blogging/content marketing) is part of their strategy. 45% of them say it delivers the highest ROI.

With the channel expected to grow, blogging is as relevant as it’s ever been. And it’s not just relevancy that matters; blogging has a multitude of benefits. So, if you’re out of the habit of writing blogs, or you’ve thought about starting a business blog, here are seven insights about the benefits of blogging for business to encourage you.

7 benefits of business blogging

1. Blogging gives VALUE to your customers

According to HubSpot, the number one goal for marketers in 2023 is to drive engagement and grow audiences. For any business to do that, great content is a must. A rich, informative blog that helps people achieve their goals, teaches them something new or makes their lives easier, is a key part of any content strategy.

2. Your blog builds a relationship with your readers

If you help people, they’ll remember. Don’t forget, it’s not just about pumping out information robotically. You’re a person, not a Tannoy system, after all. A well-written, engaging blog is conversational, it fosters a relationship that grows the more you nurture it. Blog regularly and consistently and it could just be the start of a very beautiful friendship indeed.

3. Increase your visibility with blog content

If people don’t know about your business, how can they buy from you? Publish blogs regularly and stay front of mind, ready for when you can be of service.

4. Your blog is YOURS

Social media is rented space; your blog is your land, to use as you see fit. Publish blogs on your own site and build your brand, not another’s.

5. Your blog has longevity

When you write a blog you create an asset that lasts. Just as an extension, a garage and summer house add value to a property, each blog you publish makes your site more valuable. And like any good structure, a decent blog lasts for a long time. You have to do some maintenance of course, but in a year, three years or even 10 years’ time, your blog will still be there. Just like your lovely garden office…

6. Capture your best side with a blog

A good blog shows off your business’ most charming features: the depth of knowledge, the years of experience, the wisdom of you and your people, your winning personality… No, seriously! On the last point, a blog is an ideal space to show a little personality. People buy from people. A conversational, approachable blog adds an irresistible human touch to your budding relationship.

7. Blogs are versatile

Even if you publish different types of content elsewhere, there’s no reason you can’t repurpose them and share them on your blog. You could transcribe videos and give your video content a new lease of life. Have an infographic handy? No problem, write around the topic and post it on your blog. It’s about making the most of the effort you put into content creation and maximising impact.

Blog-writing: new service alert!

Given that blogs are so beneficial, I’m delighted to say that I’ve created a new blog-writing service this year.

It’s designed to keep your business visible with regular content and minimal fuss. Perhaps you’re a solopreneur, or perhaps have a marketing team but no capacity to write regular blogs. If each month you find yourself thinking, ‘Another month’s gone by and I still haven’t got round to writing that blog!’ then you’re just the person the service is made for.

So how does it work? Here are the blog-writing service details:

  • A blog each month of ~600 words

  • Also included is a social post and a summary to introduce the content in your newsletter

  • Two rounds of amendments included

  • Quick and painless briefing process

  • Sign up for either 3 or 6 months

The biggest benefit? It holds you to account

The best thing about the service, is that your business blogging finally gets done. It’s out of your hair, off your plate and you can relax knowing you’ll have quality, engaging content to share. It ensures that you’ve got regular content available, and that an important part of your business – the marketing – is taken care of. All while you focus on what you’re good at!

Bonus offer if you enquire before the end of May

Interested? Great. Here’s a little extra to get our blog-writing journey off to a flying start…

Enquire about the blog-writing service in May, and get a free blog-planning session worth £120 when you sign-up for regular blogs within 30 days of the enquiry. Together we’ll establish your goals, what resonates with your audience and we’ll plan the content for the months ahead. No more scrambling for ideas at the last minute, hooray! 🥳

If you have any questions, get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. You can also check out the blog-writing service FAQs.

In the meantime, remember…

Your words matter,



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