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  • Laura Summerhayes

Casual networking for copywriters in Bristol – starting February 2019

Being a copywriter is a great job.

I would say that, because being a copywriter is my job. And if you’re reading this, chances are it’s yours too.

That’s why I’m launching Bristol Copywriters’ Meetup next month. It’s an opportunity for copywriters, and those who appreciate the craft, to get together and celebrate the written word.

What’s it all about?

The idea is to meet up, have a drink, socialise, talk about copy, work, or whatever you’re writing currently. There’s no pressure to bring leads, no awkward eating of a full English at the crack of dawn, and no expectations to deliver a presentation. Just like-minded people meeting up to do some relaxed networking.

The why

Most of my working time is spent alone. And while I work for some lovely people and stay in contact with clients, colleagues and other creatives regularly, most of that communication is done by phone and email.

The internet and technology are wonderful; but is there really any substitute for getting people in a room and having some proper face time? I don't think so. I suppose I enjoy being a connector: I love bringing people together and watching the magic that unfolds as a result.

Plus, like I said, copywriting is a great job. I’d like to meet more of you creative cats and hear what gets you fired up about the perfect headline, a cracking bit of body copy, or an impactful call to action.

What to do next…

We’ll be meeting at 18.00 at The King Street Brew House in Bristol on Thursday 21st February. Head to the Eventbrite page for the full details and to register.

If you’re interested but you can’t make the date, don’t worry! Drop me a line and I’ll let you know when the next meetup is. If you’re not a copywriter and you know someone who is, or who’d be interested, then please do let them know.

See you there!

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